• Cleaning Pet Urine From Rugs

    Your valuable antique and Oriental rugs can be severely damaged by pet urine. At Prestige Rug Spa, we provide the most effective solutions to this major problem, enabling you to enjoy dry, odor-free rugs for a safer indoor environment. In order to avoid lasting damage to your valuable floor coverings, prompt attention is required. Here are some of the most important pet urine details and their influence on your Oriental, Persian and antique rugs.

  • Pet Stains Can Cause Permanent Damage

    Cat and dog urine's acidic nature could permanently change the color of the skin of the affected areas. The smell associated with these animal injuries can also be disturbing and can last for days, months or even years. Enlisting the help of Prestige Rug Spa's cleaning experts can minimize your pets ' harm and can help you enjoy year after year the cleanest and freshest interior rugs.

  • Most Pets Are Repeat Offenders

    Failure to remove all traces of previous accidents before returning your rugs to their previous locations may result in further offenses on your pets' part. The urine scent can provide a connection for pets to encourage them to repeatedly return to the same location. The team at Prestige Rug Spa will break the connection by eliminating all potential clues from these floor coverings to prevent future accidents.

  • A Multi-Stage Cleaning Process

    Prestige Rug Spa uses an advanced multi-stage process to remove from your precious rugs urine stains and odors.

    • Next, we conduct a thorough inspection using sophisticated moisture detection and ultraviolet lighting systems to locate all affected areas.
    • They then pre-treat your rug to remove the residual contaminants and salts as pet urine dries.
    • We can submerge the entire rug in a specific cleaning solution, depending on the type of antique or oriental rug and its age and condition, which can securely soak away any traces of urine stains and odors.
    • To remove all traces of cleaning solution and dust from your carpet, our team performs repeated rinses.
    • Lastly, either by putting it flat on our drying racks or by hanging it naturally to drip-dry, we air your rug.
    • This system enables us to deliver the best results for your antique or Oriental rugs.
  • Dublin Pet Odor Removal

    Call Prestige Rug Spa today to learn more about how to remove pet urine and other nasty stains from your rugs area. We look forward to the opportunity to serve all the cleaning needs of your rug and carpet.

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