• Custom Rug Cleaning

    Custom designed and manufactured rugs offer a custom touch to your home or office in Dublin. At Prestige Rug Spa, we are specialized in providing cleaning services of the highest quality for all types of field, antique, oriental and custom rugs. Our rug technicians can provide state-of - the-art solutions that can extend the life of these valuable floor treatments and provide the most visually appealing results for custom designed rugs and area carpets. Our experience and expertise can help protect your investment in these valuable decorative items.

  • Styles and Materials

    Silk, wool and nylon are among the most common materials used in residential and commercial custom-made rugs. In Dublin homes and offices, each of these textiles requires a specific care regime to ensure greater longevity and lasting beauty.

    The expense associated with sourcing wool and silk in Ireland makes nylon rugs more common. However, in some cases, the durability and elegant appearance of their wool or silk counterparts may be lacking in custom rugs made from nylon.
    Usually, soil rugs cost much more than nylon items that cover the same square footage. Such floor coverings are usually thinner than nylon or rayon and need a much higher level of care during the cleaning process due to the delicate and elegant coloring that is normally used for coloring silk rugs. Prestige Rug Spa experts can provide professional cleaning services for even the most delicate of these precious and functional artworks.

    For most commercial and home area rugs, wool is the most commonly used material. Wool rugs are extremely colorfast, sturdy and relatively low-cost, and can be dyed to a wide range of custom colors to match almost any interior decor. The relative ease of care that wool materials give makes them a preferred choice throughout the rug industry custom-designed region.
    Entrusting these custom rug materials to Prestige Rug Spa's professional cleaners can ensure that day after day your floor coverings look great. For your office or home in Dublin, we provide cost-effective solutions that allow you to preserve these valuable items and retain their quality for many years to come.

    Prestige Rug Spa experts can provide tailor-made customized cleaning solutions to fit a wide range of custom-designed and built rugs. Call us to set up a consultation or schedule an appointment with our experienced professionals in rug cleaning. We are proud to provide top-notch products at Prestige Rug Spa for all your rug and area carpet needs.

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