• Cleaning Rugs from the Middle East

    Rugs that come from the Middle and Far East are as distinctive as they are exquisite. On this page we look at Persian Rug Cleaning, as well as the methods used for Turkish, Kilim and Bokhara Rugs. Such Rugs originate from Afghanistan, Turkey, Iran, Iraq and many other countries.

  • Persian Rug Restoration

    Originally from Iran, Persian rugs are renowned for their intricate designs, hand-knotted weaving techniques and small stacks. Persian rugs are different from Turkish rugs in that they are made with asymmetrical knots and are non-depressed.

    The tight weave of Persian rugs and their open-right pile structure require the rugs to be sheared and sung to prevent the bleaching and then chemically washed to soften the wool and increase the sheen of the pile.

    With these factors in mind, Prestige Rug Spa washes each rug carefully using rotary shampoo techniques and uses rapid moisture removal to avoid the loosening of fibres or possible shedding. Our methods are as delicate as they are in-depth.

  • Turkish Rug Cleaning and Restoration

    Originating from the Turkish territory, Persian rugs are also known for their intricate designs, hand-knotted weaving techniques and small stacks. Turkish rugs are distinct from Persian rugs in that they are made with symmetrical knots leaving just one node.

    Because the flat weave design of Turkish rugs is identical to Persian rugs, kilim, navajos, dhurries, and soumak rugs, they all share similar hand washing techniques.

  • Kilim Cleaning of Rugs and Restoration

    Kilim identifies any weft-faced flat weave rugs that come from counties other than India. You may have Kilim rugs from Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, or other countries across Europe and Asia.

    While cleaning Kilim Rugs, the rug must be thoroughly inspected for previous color leakage, visible warps and colorfastness tests. If the rug is not colour-fast, the rug must be washed with low moisture cleaning methods and dried gradually with air movers.

    Prestige Rug Spa acknowledges these issues and is working hard to ensure that your Kilim rug is taken care of.

  • How to Clean Bokhara Rugs and Restoration

    Bokhara rugs come from the region formerly known as Turkmenistan, which includes north-eastern Iran, western Afghanistan and Uzbekistan. The name of Bokhara is named after the country of Bokhara, which is now on the border of Uzbekistan.

    Bokhara rugs use either symmetrical or asymmetrical knotting systems and are usually made of silk. Bokhara rugs have a tendency to bleed heavily due to their dyeing methods.

    Due to bleeding considerations, Prestige Rug Spa checks each rug for colorfastness and ensures that the cleaning and drying process is flat to ensure that the dye does not spread to the fringe. If the color bleed has occurred, we strip the fugitive colors to reveal the original colors.

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