• Natural Fiber/Cotton Rug Cleaning

    Once we obtain a cleaning rug, we begin the cleaning process at Prestige Rug Spa where the rug passes through a dust removal system, specifically imported for this purpose from Iran. The entire process is performed and carried out in the presence of skilled professionals Cotton rugs use a natural fabric, the fiber is soft and cotton is used to produce beautiful oriental hand-knotted rugs. For general, cotton rugs are hand washed, which includes water immersion, cleaning, rinsing and drying. A full inspection of the rug is undertaken before cleaning cotton rugs and then perform the appropriate procedure for treating the rug. In doing so, we are again trying to keep the rug feeling smooth and fluffy. For cotton tapes, they appear to absorb a lot of water in the drying process, while washing the tap, we ensure that all water has left the tap to avoid microbial growth and moulding At the Prestige Rug Spa, we clean Persian tapes by hand to carefully wash the tap for our natural shampoo, which will not damage the natural colors and stack.

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