• Cleaning Synthetic Rugs – Shag and Cotton

    If you have a synthetic rug, you're probably going to spend it on what it costs to clean a fine rug. Luckily, we offer affordable and efficient cleaning solutions for these rugs. We're cheap carpet cleaners for cheap rugs!

  • Every Day Machine Made Rugs

    Synthetic rugs are the simplest to wash because their fabrics are made from sturdy synthetic fibers. If you have a synthetic carpet, it's easy to spot their highly symmetric patterns. If you have a synthetic rug, it's likely very cheap (relatively) and you'd rather not have a complicated cleaning process that costs as much as your rug.

    Thankfully, we can wash your synthetic rugs with a cheap, powerful cleaning machine! It's like a massive super-cost industrial washing machine that washes away grit when we hit the rug

  • Cleaning Shag Rugs and Carpets

    Shag pile carpets have been very popular in the past. They originate from Greece, but modern shag is a machine made. Due to their long fibers that cover up the dirt, they are incredibly difficult to clean. Luckily, we've got a machine that does it for us!

    If you have a shag rug, you probably don't have a lot of cleaners in your area to try. But we're going to!

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