• Wool Rug Cleaning Services

    When we receive a cleaning rug, we start the cleaning process at Prestige Rug Spa where the rug passes through a dust removal machine, specifically imported for this purpose from Iran. The entire process is performed and carried out in the presence of skilled professionals. Most wool rugs are typically smooth and cushy when they were first bought, but when they have a lot of feet of traffic and become dusty, they no longer have the same beauty as before. In the carpets clinic, your wool rugs go through a deep rug cleaning to reverse the effects of age and use. In particular, wool rugs are washed by hand, including water immersion, brushing, rinsing and drying. A full inspection of the rug is undertaken before cleaning the wool rugs and then perform the appropriate procedure for the treatment of the rug. In doing so, we are again trying to keep the rug feeling soft and plush.

    At the Prestige Rug Spa, we hand-clean Persian tapes to wash the tap with care, complimented by our organic shampoo, which will not interrupt the natural colors and stack.

  • We Can Remove 99% of Stains from a Woollen Rug

    The fantastic thing about wool is not attracting or absorbing stains easily. Wool is naturally resistant to spills and, before being absorbed, its moisture repellence suspends liquids for a while. However, there are stains, and some are particularly hard to remove from woolen fibres. Until selecting the right course of action, our fine product specialists map and classify each stain. Stain identification ensures that with the correct cleaning solution and technique, we are better prepared to tackle the stain. Taking this approach means that it is possible to remove 99 percent of stains without causing any ill effects.

  • Take It Easy

    Wool rugs can withstand fair brushing, the roller brushes used in most vacuum cleaners can cause incremental damage to wool fibers over time. Alternatively, choose a hand brush or use your vacuum roller brush only at the highest level in the room. This may remove surface dust and lint, leaving deeper fibers intact and undamaged.

    Turn Things Upside Down

    Most wool area rugs can be vacuumed on the reverse side for all parts of these floor coverings to avoid even more dirt and grime. This process can also provide additional information about the current condition of your area rugs, allowing you to act promptly at the first sign of excessive wear and tear.

    Avoid Commercial Cleaning Solutions

    Hard chemicals, often included in commercially available rug cleaners, can harm or fade the colors used to decorate your rugs in the wool area. Investing in the Prestige Rug Spa experts ' occasional professional cleaning will ensure that your rugs remain beautiful and last longer even with daily use.

    Keep Things Dry

    Wool absorbs water efficiently, which can present serious problems after a large-scale spill. Replacing water with clean white towels can help prevent damage caused by excessive exposure to fluid and can accelerate the drying process. It is a good idea to arrange a full cleaning appointment with Prestige Rug Spa if you have spilled a liquid other than water on your rug area. Our expert technicians can provide your wool rug with the tender loving care necessary to restore its original beauty.

    Prestige Rug Spa's rug cleaning experts can provide a full range of cleaning and maintenance services for your Oriental, Persian and antique wool rugs to ensure you get the greatest pleasure from these valuable items. To find out more about our full rug care service roster, contact our trained technicians today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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