• The Only Full Immersion Rug Washing in Ireland

  • We are really sorry but due to technical problems we temporarily do not collect rugs for cleaning at our premises. We have partnered with Eco Clean Solutions carpet cleaning company so they can come and clean the rugs at your house. Please call them on 015039877 or email at info@ecocleansolutions.ie

  • We do not simply clean the surface of the rugs.

    We pick your rug, remove dry dust and dirt, clean it gently, carefully dry it and return it to your door. We use the best detergents and perhaps the most advanced equipment to clean them thoroughly in our factory, fully submerged in steam.

  • We Clean All Types of Rugs

    Rugs have been around for thousands of years; in addition, archeologists have found a rug dating back to 4,500 B.C. in Siberian ruins. Even though it is doubtful that you will ever need Prestige Rug Spa to clean an old rug, we are providing services for all kinds of contemporary and antique rugs, including:

    • Hand-woven rugs that can be a big investment for collectors and homeowners
    • Tufted rugs, the largest percentage of rugs and carpets in Ireland.
    • All kinds of flat-weave rugs
    • For industrial and commercial uses, felt needle rugs
    • In all sizes and shapes, knotted rugs
    • Sticky rugs offering exceptional beauty for your home or office

    Our professional rug cleaning technicians can provide antique rugs with top-quality cleaning services from a wide range of world provenances and areas. Prestige Rug Spa can provide ancient Indian, Persian, Chinese and Armenian rugs with expert care to ensure these valuable items look their best year after year.

  • Welcome to Prestige Rug Spa

    Keeping your rugs clean and beautiful can improve your Dublin home's appearance. Working with a expert rug cleaning company can make sure the top results for many years to come and can help you enjoy these woven works of art. We specialize in providing you with state-of - the-art cleaning services at Prestige Rug Spa that can restore your rugs to their former glory. For all types of rugs, our skilled technicians can provide the right solutions. If you're looking for an experienced rug cleaner from Dublin, Prestige Rug Spa will be able to provide you with top quality services at affordable prices to ensure your satisfaction.

    We can provide the right solutions at Prestige Rug Spa to keep your rugs area looking their best year after year. Daily cleaning could bring significant benefits to you and your family:

    • Rugs can accumulate in almost all indoor air dust and particulate matter. Through regularly cleaning these things, you will remove these toxins and provide your family and visitors at your facilities with the healthiest air.
    • Your rug can be a showpiece for your home or office if properly cleaned and cared for, and can provide the most stunning backdrop for your business meetings and family gatherings.

    We are specialists in the rug care sector. You can guarantee the most professional results for all your cleaning needs by entrusting your rug to Prestige Rug Spa and experience the greatest elegance and versatility for your rugs. Call us today to schedule your rug cleaning and learn more about how we can improve your quality of life every day.


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