• The Only Full Immersion Rug Washing in Ireland

  • Inspection

    Expert and thorough pre-cleaning inspection of rugs, which may include customer consultation if necessary.

  • Dusting

    A dusting and beating machine is used to remove as much dry soil, dust, hair, house dust mites and other particles as possible. If required, rugs can be placed through this cycle more than once.

  • Pre-Treatment

    The rug is submerged in water with mild, biodegradable detergents and soft brushes. During this process, the rug is carefully inspected for any stains that may require special attention and treatment.

  • Rug Wash

    During the third stage of the process, the rugs are placed through our special high-performance rug washing machine that uses water jets to thoroughly wash the rugs and ensure no residual detergents remain.

  • Centrifuge Spin

    Once the rug is clean we remove most of the water using a centrifuge machine.

  • Controlled Drying

    The finished rugs are hung in our drying room. This is a temperature- and humidity-controlled system that helps restore the springy soft texture of the heap, ensuring that your rug can dry easily and properly without the possibility of mould or mildew.

  • Fringe Detailing

    Fringes are inspected and handled with advanced materials and, if needed, re-cleaned.

  • Inspection And Packaging

    The rugs are inspected again and packaged for delivery.
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